Jaques Chrijstal

Naam ook als: Jacques Crystal, Jacques Cristal.

Vermeld in de dagboeken van Willem Lodewijk, in 1586.

Mogelijk afkomstig uit Medemblik of omgeving.
(vermeld via Google Books)

In 1586 Rooelant Volster was the baptism witness for Elizabeth, the daughter of Jaques Chrijstal and Elisabeth Nannes. This Jaques, under other spellings such as Jakis Krisstal and Jakis Muer, was a captain of an army in which several men were married in Enkhuizen in 1577 and 1584 to 1587. His name would indicate he was a Huguenot from France or Belgium. And since Roelant is mentioned here 2 years after he ended his time as a captain in the international army, it’s clear he still lived here and had some kind of important position.


NaamJaques Chrijstal
CompagnieONBEKEND 1500-1600
Officier van:<1586
Officier tot>1586
Vermeld bij:
(BK nr.)42877
Opvolger in ONBEKEND 1500-1600Adolph Meyerink

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